The story of the creation of BPO IT

Like many people in business one of the challenges the owner of BPO IT experienced in every business he managed or owned or managed was finding the right talent at the right price and then also retaining those staff members over the long term.

Luckily, he discovered outsourcing to the Philippines, which was better but he found that BPO’s in general were not transparent with confusing policies. As a result, BPO IT was created.

Other BPO’s

  • The salary staff receive is hidden from the client.
  • Service fees were bundled with salaries and not trasparent.
  • Invoices lacked clarity.
  • Hires were the staff of the BPO and may have been shared resources.
  • Staff were often under very strict non empathetic management.
  • Staff turnover was high.


  • Staff are paid exactly what you are invoiced for wages.
  • Fees are known and transparent.
  • Invoices are clear.
  • Staff are your legal staff.
  • Empathy in management.
  • Staff retention is a focus with consideration to work, play and perks.
  • Staff retention is high.
  • You can structure your team your way, they are your employees.

Experience the Difference

man with check

BPO IT not only cares about customers we care about the staff employed by our customers.

Empathetic management is key in the Philippines to driving workforce that gets along and gets on with the job. As a culture the Philippines is very family orientated, once a staff member becomes a member of your company family and BPO IT’s family staff, churn is reduced dramatically.

In taking this approach BPO IT Ensures that both the customer and staff experience are great, which is how long-term relationships are built.

What Industries does BPO IT Service

There is no limit to the type of industry that can have outsourced staff. Some of the industries BPO IT deals with are:

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering

  • Not for profit

  • Legal

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • Transport

  • Accounting

  • Telecommunications

  • Advertising

  • Retail

Which pretty much covers them all. In fact, BPO IT is yet to find an industry where roles cannot be outsourced on a staff augmentation model. If you have a staffing requirement and you believe the role can be outsourced, you’re probably right, try BPO IT and get a great result.

Alignment with your business

Your Team. Your Culture.

When you hire an outsourced staff augmentation employee through BPO IT the staff member is fully aware that they are a member of your team. Cultural alignment with your business is emphasised by the way BPO IT runs our customer relationships.

To help drive cultural fit BPO IT does not stand in the way of your way. One example is the payment of the employee’s salary. Pay rises, bonuses and incentives are totally decided by you.

Organisations with larger teams can even have their own work space and branded private offices fitted your, vision, mission and service statements.

Structure your team how you want

man with check

Staff, Management, HR whatever you feel you need in the
Philippines to manage your team BPO IT can set it up for you

How BPO IT helps you with outsourced staff augmentation



BPO IT aims to hire the best talent for you. For this reason, BPO IT has a successful

Recruitment process in place from initial phone screening right through to final placement and keeps you involved on the journey.


Tailored Solutions

BPO IT exists to support you. This means BPO IT are prepared to tailor solutions to meet your needs, be that a stand-alone office, team structure, or a single off shore employee.

BPO IT has you covered.


Remote Management Systems

BPO IT’s Remote Management System (RMS) empowers you to manage your team remotely and offers assistance when needed.


ICT Systems

BPO IT has in place ICT Systems to help all users from the single outsourced resource through to the large enterprise.


Multiple Locations

With multiple locations across the Philippines BPO IT is able to source the best candidates and retain them over the long term.


Staff Retention Focused

You’ve spent money on your recruit, likely invested time in training them in the way of your business, now let’s make sure that they stay.

Why You Should Use BPO IT Outsourcing Staff Augmentation Services


Lower Labour and Office Costs

BPO IT is based out of the Philippines.

The Philippines has a low cost of labour and low office space cost, often up to 75% cheaper than for a comparable role back home, making your business more competitive.


The Right Talent

Experience counts in getting what you need done well.

BPO IT will work with you to get the right staff employed.

Then once they are onboarded, BPO IT with your help will help you with any needs for training and retaining your staff.


Transparent Pricing

For Outsourced Staff Augmentation, BPO IT has a fully transparent pricing model where you are charged for labour, on costs and resourcing costs separately.

This provides clarity and assurance that you are getting value for money.


Full HR / Payroll and Reporting

BPO IT supports you with Full HR, Payroll and Reporting Systems. Including our Remote Monitoring Tool.

This means that you can hire the staff you need; ensure they are paid and manage your team remotely without hassle, but also with the support of BPO IT if needed.


Effective Remote Management

BPO IT provides you with a Remote Management Tool.

However, you are not on your own. BPO IT’s management is focused on helping you acquire and retain staff, drive performance and keep staff engaged.

BPO IT’s goal is to help you be successful and grow with us.


You're In Control

The person you hire is your team member.

You are in control of all aspects of their employment.

Including training, pay increases and promotions.

Just like you are with your team back home.


No Fixed Term Contracts

BPO IT only requires

Two months payment in advance

30-day invoicing terms

30-day notice to terminate the engagement of any employee


Talent Retention

BPO IT wants your business to be successful, grow fast and scale when needed.

Hiring the right talent is the important first step. Retaining the Right talent is equally as important.

BPO IT focuses on helping you retain staff to keep your business growing.

Client Focused Teamwork

Our Focus

  • Facilities
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Retention & Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • IT Infrastructure

Maintaining & Supporting the best talent available

Dedicated Employees

Your Focus

  • Performance Management
  • Workflow
  • Training & Development
  • Personal Selection

Remote Teams

remote team

In the modern work environment, we are used to workers being remote.

BPO IT was uniquely positioned to manage pandemic events because staff are already used to working remotely and can continue working uninterrupted, while you continue to focus on your core business. BPO IT works to ensure your business success and that means being available as needed, regardless of the challenges. BPO IT’s staff can work remotely even away from the office in the Philippines if needed, in fact, like your local staff, we allow the occasional WFH which helps staff manage life and helps staff retention.