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BPO IT’s recruitment process ensures the best talent by following some simple steps:

Phone or Video Interview – For candidates identified as being of suitable talent based on your specifications.

Initial Client Assessment and Qualifications Submission – It is important you are involved in selection because your hire reports to your business supported by us. BPO IT will send you collated phone and video interviews from candidates along with the candidates resume, references, working experience, skills and qualifications, so you can select who you prefer to interview.

Optional Candidate Testing – If needed BPO IT can include a whole range of skill, psychological, IQ and EQ tests to measure the suitability and alignment of the candidate to your company.

Final Video Interview – BPO IT will assist you and facilitate a video interview between you and the short-listed candidates. Often only one by this point, saving you time.

Job Offer – BPO IT assist in negotiations and guide you in ensuring market competitive offers to candidates to secure them for you. As part of BPO IT’s standard procedure before any candidate is approved for hire BPO IT conducts the following background checks: police records, ID validation, NBI Clearance, checks with prior employers, validation of address, and pre-employment medical checks.

Approved Candidate Profile – Once your selected candidate has accepted the offer, we request your final approval and onboard the applicant.

BPO IT's Recruitment Process

Estimated 2 to 8 weeks