With BPO IT’s Remote Management System (RMS) you can get real time status updates of your
team’s activities, including attendance. Most importantly BPO IT’s RMS assists you in keeping connected
with your outsourced staff for team cohesion.

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Current features of RMS include:

  • Real Time Status

  • Historical attendance data

  • Cultural awareness education

  • Integrated Video and SMS messaging

  • Internet connectivity monitoring

  • Customised client servicing monitoring

  • 24/7 Office Camera

  • Integrated helpdesk

  • Rewards and recognition system.

  • Resourcing options to allow you to allowing you to quickly and easily upgrade your workstations.

  • Local workstation monitoring that tracks web and application use with screenshots every ten minutes.

  • Access to your dedicated Relationship Manager.

  • Complete online performance appraisal system.

  • BPO IT iOS and Android applications.